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April 2nd, 2008

My behaviour was most unbecoming

Dearest Edward,

I must admit that my heart begins to quake in recalling last evening.  When I offered you a cup of tea, I meant it as a sincere gesture of friendship, and I firmly resolved to behave with the utmost decorum whilst you were in my quarters unchaperoned.  However, when you loosened your cravat, I very nearly swooned.  The gentle coo of the roosting pigeons, the humidity of the salty air, the relentless throb of the city traffic, your stately, well-proportioned frame – all conspired against my modesty!  All thoughts of prudence were dashed.  Pleasure was my master, and ere long, Pleasure bid me commit unspeakable acts. 

I savor the memory of our passions.  I have your assurances that we have done no wrong.  But darling, I have one memory which causes me grief; though I tried to stifle any sound, I let forth a cry that may indeed have been audible to the downstairs neighbours.

Fear not, my sweet!  I was not wounded; I merely lost my sense of propriety in the rapture of your gentlemanly ministrations.  I fervently hope that you will not judge me too harshly and that I may remain close to your affections and in your highest esteem. 

Most Sincerely Yours,